Activist De Bouse on Illegals: Stop Entry Instead of Funding Relocation

Nationwide-Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of Respected Global Leader Activist Greshun De Bouse. From disabled veterans to the elderly to vaccination-mandate-oppressed groups and more, Activist De Bouse is dedicated to equality for all. A proud Republican and firm believer that charity begins at home and spreads abroad, De Bouse takes a strong stance on protecting U.S. borders and the entry of illegals. When asked about it, she had this to say, “Allocating millions of dollars in funding for the relocation of illegals into any state budget is both financially and generally irresponsible leadership. Instead of allocating such funds to relocate illegals post-entry into any U.S. state, why not stop the illegal entry altogether? Leaders should impose harsh sanctions-financial or otherwise-on facilitators of the illegal entry as a deterrent, and allocate the millions of dollars that would be wastefully spent on illegals, on the needs of U.S. citizens. It is an insult to the intelligence of the American people for any leader to feign lack of financial resources for its own citizens, but miraculously find funding in excess for illegals.”

Activist De Bouse believes the U.S. first has allegiance to its own citizens to demonstrate equality, and says inequality is allowing illegals to vote, as is the case in NYC, when voter registration measures are often stringent for actual citizens and U.S. voters. De Bouse asks, “Where is the election integrity in allowing illegals to vote in an election? There is none. For the preservation of voter integrity, illegals should be disallowed to vote in the U.S. That is equality.”

NYC also has taken heat for its vaccine-mandate-based unemployment of several police officers, something De Bouse says is a “strategically cruel ploy of the Biden administration. We need some sense of order, and while riddled with imperfections, law enforcement is the entity we currently have to serve and protect all citizens. It was crickets when I asked NYC Mayor DeBlasio if he envisioned the chaotic nature and impact of an NYC void of police? But reality is chaos may ensue anywhere where officers are cruelly forced to choose between earning a living and taking a vaccine. In my observations of and meetings with various police departments, I have found officers often are underpaid and inadequately trained to handle an array of situations. But we have to stop making the excuse of 'lack of funding’ for why officers, educators, and others are underpaid and undertrained. Whilst not necessarily true in all cases, if more officers were required to have more stringent training in multiple areas including mental health issues, a higher education level, were held more accountable for inappropriate/unlawful actions, and received a significantly higher salary, they may be more productive. Ultimately, if we can find and allocate funding for illegals, we can find and allocate funding for our U.S. officers and others. The problem is not necessarily lack of funding. The problem often is lack of prudent financial stewardship.”

Activist De Bouse is a well-connected powerhouse and advocate for justice who believes in stopping problems before or where they start, instead of allowing a known problem to fester and then do damage control. She is calling leaders to work together to protect our borders. For that, we stand with beloved Activist Greshun De Bouse.



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Bringing you content that matters to you most.

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